Linda Solovic

“If you have ever thought about going on an art retreat but have not been sure it would
be worth the money, I have a retreat to recommend that will be worth double the
money you will spend. I urge you to sign up for one or both of Lori Siebert’s art
retreats, Heartfelt Escapes, and Art Biz Jam.
Why are Lori’s classes so good? Lori Siebert, of course. Lori is such a warm and
engaging person, full of love and life. She always has a big smile on her face, a bright
spirit about her as well as loads of talent as an artist. She works personally with each
participant on the retreat whether it is giving them advice on how to proceed with their
project or just cheering them on. Lori really knows her way around the art business
also. Lori is one of the top art licensors in the country. She has worked in the industry
for over 20 years. She knows a vast network of fellow licensors, artists and illustrators
as well as the manufacturers, clients, and art representatives in the industry.
As a result, the guest speakers who work with you at the retreat are top notch but
approachable. These guest speakers are well prepared, very professional, and are ready
to work with you to impart their knowledge. They also will happily sit down with you to
hear about your art career and review your portfolio.
Along with all of the above, you will take this retreat with other artists who are fun,
generous, and with whom by the end of the retreat you will have formed great
friendships. There are various levels of experience and knowledge among all the artists
who attend. You do not need to worry that you are not talented enough to come.
I cannot say enough great things about Lori Siebert’s retreats. From the guest speakers
to the lovely accommodations, the comradery you will develop with the other artists,
the knowledge you will gain from the retreat along with the fun you will have. And the
icing on the cake of this experience of meeting, working and making friends with Lori
Linda Solovic Illustrator, Licensed Artist/Educator Washington University in St. Louis